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Since its foundation in 2011, ACPC has developed an established network with GP's, Paediatricians, speech therapists, occupational therapists and Psychiatrists around the Sydney Metropolitan and surrounding areas. We pride our selves for working collaboratively with other professionals in order to provide families with a comprehensive approach to assessment and treatment.
In order to assist our clients in planning intervention suitable to their individual needs and ease their access to other services, we ensure that we our communication is the highest quality in both our oral and written communication with medical, and other allied health professionals.

We believe that it is vital to work collaborately with other professionals in the best interests of our clients. We aim to share our expertise in child and adolescent development and mental health with other medical professionals, and to provide the most evidence based approaches in any delivered services.

Our clinic is in frequent contact with GP's, Peadiatricians, and other allied health professionals through phone conversations, online/ face to face meetings, and Professional Development Events in which we are able to inform them of the services we provide to assist clients and of recent programs that may be running at our clinic.


A General Practitioner, is able to refer patients under mental health care plans (721/723), chronic disease management plans (Enhanced Primary Care- EPC) or Autism assessment and treatment plans (HCWA/ Better Start) for services that receive a Medicare rebate.

A Paediatrician or Child Psychiatrist is able to make a direct referral to our clinic by writing a letter of referral requesting a particular service (i.e. assessment/ therapy).

A speech therapist or occupational therapist is able to refer families directly to our service, however if parents require specific rebates under Medicare (Mental Health Care program), then families would need to see their Family GP. 

NDIS Support Coordinators can contact the clinic directly on behalf of the family they are coordinating support for to determine whether ACPC is a service which would 'best fit' the family's needs and NDIS plan. However, ACPC is only accepting clients who are self managing their funds or are being managed by plan managers. 

Please see the Government Funded Programs page under 'Fees & Funding'  or contact us for further information. 

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Our goal is to ensure your advocacy needs are met through the process of continuous engagement and genuine understanding of your needs