Fees & Rebates

ACPC Psychologists are dedicated to producing Quality & Affordable Assessments for all families across NSW. Assessment costs will vary depending on what assessments are administered and on the selected assessment package cost. This can be discussed with the assessing psychologist. 

What is involved in the Assessment cost? 

  1. Duration of Testing sessions conducted with the child 
  2. Materials used for Testing (assessment tools, measures, questionnaires etc.)
  3. Data Analysis and collating information to include in the Assessment Report 
  4. Comprehensive Report displaying gathered results & recommendations 
  5. Feedback session to discuss outcomes & provide direction

Overall the total amount of time can take up to 15 hours or more at times depending on how many and what types of assessments are conducted, as well as the time and cost that goes into the report process (professional development, administration staff, insurance etc.). 

Are there any rebates for Assessments?

MEDICARE: At this point in time, Medicare does not currently provide any rebates for assessments. There may be some rebates for Autism Specific assessments, however a referral from a Paediatrician is warranted. 

PRIVATE HEALTH: Some private health funds do provide rebates for clients, should they have 'psychology' as one of their services listed. Clients would need to check with their health fund. 

NDIS SERVICES: Clients who are existing participants of NDIS may be able to have assessments covered under their NDIS funding, given that clients are self managed or plan managed. For further information, please click here