Assessments & NDIS

ACPC Psychologists have assisted many NDIS applicants as well as existing participants to receive ongoing NDIS funding suitable for their needs and intervention goals given the extensive and comprehensive information provided in their assessment reports. 


Assessments assist in Application for Funding 

Psychological & diagnostic assessments are often used to assist families in application for funding to cover therapies required. If the child is under 6, there is a possibility that the child would be able to access funding for early intervention. However, if the child is above 6 years old, then they would require a comprehensive psychological and diagnostic assessment to determine whether they are eligible for NDIS finding. Although they may not require a formal diagnosis to access such funding, they would require evidence that their symptoms are impairing their day to day functioning and it is likely that this impairment will persist across the lifespan.


Assessments assist in Review Meetings 

In order to reassess the amount of funding a participant may receive, review meetings are usually held with NDIS plan coordinators. With a comprehensive assessment in place which outlines the child's abilities, difficulties and treatment outcomes based on standardised and comprehensive information gathering, participants have a better chance of receiving the adequate funding required to address their needs. 

Assessments assist in Reviewing Progress 

Many families access multiple therapies using their NDIS as recommended by doctors, NDIS coordinators etc., however many families often lose sight of 'what' intervention they are proving their child with (suitability), 'why' they are providing this particular intervention (purpose), and 'how long' they would need to provide their child with (future direction) which can lead to losing sight of the goals for each individual child. Assessments can therefore provide a 'fresh outlook' by providing clarity based on the child's current needs, progress and future goals.