STEP THREE: Analysing Information & Providing Feedback

STEP THREE: Analysing Information & Providing Feedback

DATA ANALYSIS: This process involves analysing all the information gathered about the child including; clinical information gathered from interviews and meeting, school conferencing or visits (depending on the case), ratings on the screening forms provided to both parent and educators, as well as the results from the tests administered. 

REPORT WRITING: Once the psychologist has received all the information required, the data is then presented in a comprehensive and concise manner in an Assessment Report which displays a summary of the gathered information from different sources, outcomes and recommendations. 

The Assessment Report is the most important part of the assessment process to support the child in their home and schooling environment. It helps provide a better understanding of the child's profile and helps guide intervention goals. It also assists educators at school on how to best support the child in their learning environment. 

FEEDBACK SESSION: A complimentary session is usually booked with the child's parent/caregiver to discuss the outcomes of the report and provide future direction in terms of therapy goals and guidance on the next steps including possible management at home or school as needed.  

The feedback session is crucial to ensure that parents/ caregivers have a clear understanding of their child's strengths and difficulties to be able to support them the best way they can in their environment, regardless of whether a child meets the criteria for a particular diagnosis or not. 

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