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Professional Opinion & Guidance

At ACPC, Psychologists offer their expert opinion and advice based on clinical evaluation to guide families for further management and intervention goals.

With all the conflicting information available for parents and caregivers, it is not unusual for parents to feel very 'confused' (especially in this day and age!), to know how to best understand, manage and support their child.

Given their specific qualifications, specialised training and extensive experience working with children and adolescent, Psychologists at ACPC Psychology assist by providing their professional opinion to families and guide them by adhering to the following steps:

  • Understanding the nature of your concerns and Identifying any 'red flags' in development
  • Discussing what is/isn't considered adequate for the child's development or age 
  • Providing a professional opinion as to what your child would benefit from (e.g. assessments, intervention)
  • Providing guidance regarding future direction (e.g. school readiness/ suitability)
  • Providing guidance regarding specific external therapies or support services your child may benefit from

This service is delivered online via Telehealth videoconferencing for all families across NSW, metropolitan, regional and rural areas.Please click here for further information regarding our online services. 


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