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Head Office: Miranda (Sydney)  (02) 9541 1177

About ACPC Psychology

We are a Private Psychology Clinic Serving NSW

Working With You, For You, and By Your Side

ACPC (AzzA's Child Psychology Clinic) is a boutique psychology clinic providing quality and affordable assessments and evidence-based interventions for children and adolescents whilst working closely with families and schools across NSW. The clinic has over the years been receiving numerous referrals by general practitioners, specialists, schools and other allied health services requesting assessment, intervention and understanding of mild, moderate and complex child and adolescent presentations. 

ACPC ensures that high quality services are delivered by selectively choosing psychologists who have extensive experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a range of childhood and adolescent presentations including behavioural, emotional, social, developmental and psychological difficulties. Staff working at our main office and online via video conferencing provide a number of services including; expert opinion and guidance, parent coaching and support, comprehensive assessments, evidence based therapies, intervention and skills building as well as school advocacy to support children and adolescents' functioning in their home, social and learning environments. All clinicians receive regular clinical supervision at the clinic and are expected to continue their training through ongoing professional development to ensure the delivery of quality services consistent with the clinic's mission. 

Why ACPC Psychology



ACPC ensures that personal information gathered during provision of psychological services remains confidential and secure



ACPC staff aim to work in a professional manner with individuals, their families, educators and other professionals



ACPC staff ensure that individuals and their families receive the best attention and care throughout service delivery

Support & Guidance

Support & Guidance

ACPC aims to work in a holistic manner providing extensive support to carers, educators, and stakeholders

Comprehensive Assessments

Comprehensive Assessments

ACPC provides Quality & Affordable Assessments which are comprehensive and specific for the individual's needs

Specialised Experience

Specialised Experience

ACPC provides services to suit the development, learning, behaviour, social and emotional wellbeing of each individual.

We have a team of reliable psychologists

Our Vision & Mission


Working with you-  ACPC works with you to achieve your stated objective using the state of the art clinical practice to ensure the greatest likelihood of success......

Working for you-  Our goal is to ensure your advocacy needs are met through the process of continuous engagement and genuine understanding of your needs......

Walking by your side-  Journeys are best met with the assistance of a partner, at ACPC we ensure that each client is assisted through their whole journey.......

Central to our success is the belief that children, young people and their families must be provided with an environment that promotes learning, development, healing and behavioural growth.

In order to achieve our vision we must achieve our mission which is to deliver services:

Collaboratively and harmoniously to integrate and coordinate all stakeholders' efforts for the sole purpose of achieving client outcomes.

Professionally and ensure that we possess a high degree of clinical acumen.

Client-centrically placing our client's needs and outcomes first in all undertakings.

At ACPC, we ensure that every client is provided with the best attention and care. Please contact us to speak to out team for further details about our consultation services for children, adolescents, young adults and their families.

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Our goal is to ensure your advocacy needs are met through the process of continuous engagement and genuine understanding of your needs