Why fatherhood scares many dads-to-be

Our principal clinical psychologist Azza Brown was interviewed by a journalist in discussing the common fears that dads-to-be tend to present with and ways to ease the fears that they might have... 

"Clinical psychologist Azza Brown says that emotional issues are also normal. "Sometimes they also worry about how the partner relationship will change once the baby arrives and becomes the focus of attention. Jealous feelings are common, and dads feel a little insignificant or resent this change in the early years of their child's life."

So what can a mum do to help a dad with his feelings? Even before the baby is born, Ms Brown recommends the dad-to-be attends antenatal appointments and classes to help understand what being a father means. "Attend sessions that focus on dads and looking after children – it'll help with lessening the anxiety that goes with becoming a new parent," she says.

Getting into the habit of checking in to talk honestly about emotions and how each partner is coping is also a good idea.......

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