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Parent Coaching & Support

ACPC Psychologists provide coaching and support for parents and carers to feel more confident in being able to support their kids.

Research indicates that emotional regulation, is one of the fastest growing areas of psychology and is considered a predictor of mental health, social relationship, academic functioning and general work performance.

Given children’s limitations in their brain development as well as limited experiences, they are likely to be ‘stuck’ at the early stages of emotional intelligence; lacking self awareness as well as self management, which therefore impacts their social awareness as well as ability to build positive relationships.

This is particularly true for children with neuro developmental delays including autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, intellectual disabilities etc. who often present with delayed skills in development including emotional regulation. 

Whilst the use of programs that aim to build emotional regulation skills in kids have proven effective for some children, the research suggests that establishing a relational approach with a child usually produces best outcomes.

Our child psychologists delivering parent coaching and support aim to teach parents and caregivers what to say to their child when they are distressed, what to do to help them calm down and how to help them act in more co-operative ways.

This service is delivered online via Telehealth videoconferencing for all families across NSW, metropolitan, regional and rural areas.Please click here for further information regarding our online services. 

Other services offered by ACPC Psychologists are also listed below as part of our Parent Coaching & Support Services.

  • Psychoeducation on presenting symptoms

    Psychoeducation is a process that involves education regarding any presenting symptoms (may associated with a child's diagnosis but not necessarily), and the challenges and difficulties that the child may be facing including; emotional difficulties, social challenges and behavioural concerns.

    It is mainly a discussion around the following: 

    • Nature of concerns and identification of possible underlying causes/ contributing factors
    • Impact of the reported concerns on the individual and their family
    • Helpful tips and strategies to assist in supporting the individual
    • Possible assessment and suitable interventions to assist the child/ adolescent

    The benefit of psychoeducation is that it allows parents/caregivers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their child's profile and experienced difficulties in order to empower them to see the possibility of change. This is generally accomplished by learning how to respond to their child, attend to and support their child's needs which as a result may lead to reduced behavioural challenges and improved relationship dynamics in the household. 

  • Managing younger children

    It's never too early to address any issues, even if you seek a professional opinion. At ACPC Psychology, we assist parents and caregivers in managing their young children who may be presenting with a range of issues, which may include:

    • Developing a 'secure attachment' with a child
    • Toilet training guidance
    • Feeding difficulties
    • Sleeping issues
    • Education regarding child's development (i.e. emotional, behaviour etc.)
    • Education and training regarding dealing with challenging young child
    • Assistance in behavioural management
    • Counselling parents when finding parenting challenging
    • Screening parent's mental health (i.e. depression, anxiety) and providing support*
    • Teaching appropriate responding to child's elevated emotions (i.e., regulation of frustration & anger, anxiety).

    *please see Individual Therapy for Parents & Caregivers

  • Relationships and Family Dynamics

    Other areas that we may help coach parents and caregivers with may include:

    • Sibling Rivalry
    • Addressing questions/ concerns
    • Parent- child/ adolescent relationships
    • Coping with changes in family dynamics
    • Coping with loss or trauma or grief
    • Specific issues that may arise due to Foster care, same sex parents, adoption families
    • Adjustment issues (e.g., coping with major life events such as separation and divorce, adjusting to parent re-partnering and step-families, or coping with a chronic or terminal illness)
  • Individual Therapy for Parents/Carergivers


    At ACPC Psychology, we understand that at times, the young person's presenting problem may lead the adults to develop stress and depression which can impact the relationships between members of the family, or their ability to manage their child's condition effectively. When this is the case, it is always recommended for the parent/ caregiver to seek individual psychological therapy to better assist them in dealing with their mental health. The individual sessions for the parent/ caregiver may provide them with the therapy that they would benefit from, and a space for the disclosure of their own difficulties to a mental health professional.


    At ACPC Psychology, we have specific experienced adult psychologists who have the expertise in working, not only with children and adolescents but also with adults around common issues in relation to parenting such as:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Parenting issues
    • Parent-child attachment issues

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