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Parent Coaching & Support

ACPC Psychologists provide coaching and support for parents and carers to feel more confident in being able to support their kids.


This service aims to provide parents/ caregivers with education and support around understanding and managing their child when they are emotionally distressed (whether they may have a confirmed diagnosis or not!) which can lead them to become uncooperative and more challenging to work with. 


Given children’s limitations in their brain development as well as limited experiences, they are likely to be ‘stuck’ at the early stages of emotional intelligence; lacking self awareness as well as self management, which therefore impacts their social awareness as well as ability to build positive relationships. Whilst the use of programs that aim to build emotional regulation skills in kids have proven effective for some children, the research suggests that establishing a relational approach with a child usually produces best outcomes.

Working with parents/ caregivers directly is the most efficient way to assist children in their emotional development since the parent is generally with the child and is creating the environment around the child which therefore impacts their child's overall development. Parent coaching does not mean that the parent is 'responsible' for the child's struggles and does not mean that the parent is 'to blame' but rather that the parent has the 'real power' to change anything. 


Sessions aim to support parents/caregivers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their child's profile and experienced difficulties in order to empower them to see the possibility of change. This is generally accomplished by learning how to respond to their child, attend to and support their child's needs which as a result may lead to reduced behavioural challenges and improved relationship dynamics in the household. 

For further information on how we support parents in connecting with their children, please see link here. 


This service is delivered with parents/ caregivers only and is online via Telehealth videoconferencing for all families across NSW, metropolitan, regional and rural areas.

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