Have you been caught in the act by the kids?

Azza Brown an educational, developmental and clinical psychologist, and member of The Australian Psychological Society says it's very common for a child to walk in on parents having sex. Instead of screaming, diving for clothes or just running into the bathroom, Brown explains you need to be neutral and not raise fear in your child by behaving out of the ordinary. Calm statements like "What is it sweetie? Do you need something? Or "It's mummy and daddy's private time so no need to be scared," will do much to reassure the child and prevent anxiety or fear.

She assures that babies, toddlers and preschoolers are usually unaware their parents are having sexual intercourse and don't need too much detail. A lot of children are oblivious to the 'act' itself and might offer up their own interpretation of it such as "Are you wrestling with mummy?" or think that mummy might be getting hurt. Parents may feel their child could be scarred for life; Brown reassures that's definitely not the case..... 

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