Parenting when you have a different religion to your partner

Our principal psychologist, Azza Brown, comments on interethnic relationships, the benefits of cultural diversity, and the impact of individual differences.... 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that interethnic relationships are on the rise in Australia but only goes as far as releasing each partner's country of birth. Research conducted by academics at the Australian National University found in certain ancestry groups, first generation inter-partner rates sit at around 10 per cent, increases to more than 30 per cent in the second generation, and more than 60 per cent by the third generation........

Child psychologist Azza Brown points out, "Young children have a tendency to accept what their parents tell them. The confusion happens in older children and teens when they start questioning their parents' beliefs and their own sense of self. Whether they follow the parents' religion or convert to another one later on in life will all come down to their own individual differences."

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